Sier Móveis


The commitment to environment conservation is present in all Sier's initiatives. We continuously invest in sustainable practices in all our productive and commercial chain.

The wood, our main raw material, is 100% obtained through Sustainable Management Plans with extraction techniques that has low impact on the environment.

We have also developed a Solid Waste Management Plan, which involves all areas of the industry, promoting reuse of residues and reduction of waste disposal.

Water resources are carefully managed at Sier. We have an industrial effluent treatment station that operates by electro flocculation, without chemicals. 

Noise and industrial atmospheric effluents are strictly controlled according to the environmental legislation.

Sier is also recognized for the high standard of control and maintenance of the truck fleet, with awards in the Despoluir Program from the Federation of Cargo Transport Companies of the State of Minas Gerais (FETCEMG).