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Design, state of the art technology, craftsmanship, innovation, fine finishing, high quality, sustainability, and prompt integration with all stakeholders. Synergy allying the customer desire to the tendency of the high-end furnishings. That is Sier Móveis, a premium-furnishing brand, designed to decorate with style, newness, sophistication and well – being.

Established in 1990, Sier Móveis is a reference in Brazil and international market with its high-end furnishings portfolio that includes dining sets, TV – stands, consoles and decorative pieces. The industry has a built area of 64.000 square meters that is set in Ubá, Minas Gerais State. Sier is a top of mind brand, recognized by important awards conquered with teamwork, dedication, and innovative concept. To create high-end authentic furniture with good taste, Brazilian trace, international language, contemporary and timeless – this is our vocation since 1990.

Sensação, emoção, beleza em um desenho inovador que decora o ambiente e acolhe o corpo – este é o mobiliário Sier Móveis que celebra 30 anos em 2020

O Brasil é um país de muitas belezas, formas, cores, texturas e aromas únicos. Os impressionantes matizes das montanhas de Minas, com suas curvas envolventes, abrigam e inspiram uma destas grandes belezas brasileiras: os móveis Sier. Criada há 30 anos na cidade de Ubá, em Minas Gerais, na região da Zona da Mata, a Sier Móveis é uma marca internacional, premiada, top of mind em móveis para sala de alto padrão, com design original, criado pelo estúdio Sier, especializado departamento interno de desenvolvimento de produtos.

Fundada em 1990 pelo empresário Ismael Reis, um apaixonado pelo ofício da marcenaria, a Sier Móveis traz ainda hoje em seu mobiliário o primoroso cuidado do trabalho artesanal, aliado à tecnologia de ponta das maiores indústrias mundiais neste segmento, abrangendo robótica e equipamentos de última geração na produção industrial. O resultado são móveis de design original, com um acabamento primoroso, e que se destacam nos principais eventos globais, como a Design Week de Milão.

Com design contemporâneo, cosmopolita e que também traz o charme singular da bossa brasileira, a Sier Móveis é referência em mobiliário no mercado da alta decoração. A empresa atua no Brasil e nos principais mercados mundiais. Seu portfólio é composto por mesas, poltronas, cadeiras e complementos para salas de jantar e livings. Texturas, tramas, naturalidade se destacam em composições que valorizam o calor elegante da madeira e o acolhimento do traço orgânico. Os processos produtivos prezam pelo cuidado com o bem-estar da sociedade e o meio ambiente. A Sier chega aos 30 anos como uma label em lifestyle e mobiliário de luxo, no cenário de móveis e design de interiores brasileiro e internacional.

Top of mind em seus segmentos de atuação, a Sier Móveis é uma indústria que emprega 700 funcionários, em um parque fabril de 64 mil m2The love for a well-done job is the company’s language that in its three decades of history has passed from the founder, Ismael Reis, to the employees, making Sier a company that beats as one heart: moved by passion for design, high quality, and by bringing to the customer a furniture that fits perfectly his or her lifestyle.

Our Vision

To be a leader company and referenced in furniture manufacturing.

Our Mission

To develop, produce and commercialize high-end furniture, using available technology and investing, constantly, in our team’s improvement to go beyond our customers’ expectations.

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Sier by nature

Nature supplies the raw material, and we use it consciously!

Sier develops actions aiming environment preservation and sustainability, as its mission.

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This is one of the company's important environmental practices.
At the effluent treatment plant, all liquid waste generated in the production process are treated and returned to the production sectors for reuse.

The treatment is done by the electroflocculation system. The particles present in water get all together by the the presence of coagulants released by oxidation of metal plates.
After the flakes’ formation, the effluent is sent to a decanter. The clarified liquid, generated in the decanter, is sent for filtration and then, returned to production.

Electroflocculation is a new alternative for effluent treatment, which replaces the chemically assisted primary treatment. The technology used has a greater guarantee of efficiency, visa the automation of the process.

The reuse of the treated effluent reduces the consumption of natural water, eliminates the efluente disposal in the environment and reduces the impacts of Sier's productive activities.

It’s benefit to all community and the environment!

The “Depollute Project” – known as Projeto Despoluir in Portuguese - is an Environmental Transport Program. It was awarded by the Union of Cargo Transport and Logistics Companies of Minas Gerais. For 3 consecutive years, Sier won the Gold award as a low LEVELS of CO² emissions fleet.

Periodically, trucks are audited by the Union agents and the results are graded according to current environmental guidelines.

The reduction of CO2 emissions directly impacts in the air quality. In view that the trucks being mobile sources of emission, the measures applied are extremely important in a national context. With all these investments, the company consolidates itself as a reference in a sustainable and environmentally friendly fleet.


Helping to protect our forests is Sier’s commitment!

The wood, the raw material of our furniture, is obtained through the Sustainable Forest Management Plans, which establish thequantity of trees that can be removed from an area per year, and these are previously mapped by the government's environmental agencies. They are the ones who evaluate what can be extracted, determine the rules and monitor all stages of the process, respecting the natural growth capacity of the forest.

Management is opposed to deforestation! Low-impact extraction techniques keep forests healthy and conserve biodiversity.

Sier Móveis has wood suppliers who properly carry out management plans, ensuring sustainability and preservation of natural resources.

Sier works on the concept of eco-efficiency, and to do so, adopts its production with the best use of natural resources, raw materials and insums. The key to the success of this action comes from the commitment of senior management to become reference in sustainability. In practice, the premises of good environmental performance are strengthened as a culture of the company for all employees.

Currently, the results of waste generation reduction are impacting. In 2020, our company produced 25% less non-recyclable waste compared to the previous year.

In addition to reduced consumption, the Solid Waste Management Plan – SWMP (in Portuguese PGRS) in force recommends the waste segregation. The company rescheduled the disposal of collectors with the generation sources and trained the entire team regarding the classification of waste and its form of temporary packaging. Segregation was enhanced and waste recycling rates increased by 20% in 2020 compared to 2019.